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Join our fight to end period poverty and empower the young women of South Africa!

Our inspiration

Due to the inequalities in South Africa, not all women have access to reliable, safe and sustainable menstrual products, Instead, they need to compromise by using socks, rags. newspapers, or other unsanitary solutions. This greatly increases their risk of contracting infections and accidental leakages.

To avoid the embarrassment and complications of vaginal infections, young women opt to stay home and miss out on work or valuable class time and in most cases, even drop out of school entirely.

Our Goal

With this fundraiser, our goal is to provide Safepads and menstrual health education to 2 000 giris across South Africa who are affected by the taboos and myths surrounding menstruation and the inaccessibility to proper menstrual products. By doing so, we aim to lift the burden of period poverty and empower these young minds to stay in school to secure a brighter future and end the cycle.

How We Aim To Reach Our Goal

In order to reach communities across South Africa, we are portriering with NGOs nationwide who will distribute Satopods and My First Period (an educational bookder) and give the necessary education on menstrual health and hygiene.

What Is Safepad?

Safepad is a one-of-a-kind reusable sanitary pad designed with a permanently bonded antimicrobial technology which provides a safe and infection-free experience while in use without compromising on comfort safepad can even be washed in unclean water at no risk to the user. Each Satepad can be reused with an approximate lifespan of 4 to 5 years!


By sponsoring a box of 4 Safepads, you will give someone a sustainable, hygienic, and safe solution that will last at least 4 years.