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About Safepad™

Our inspiration

Safepad South Africa was launched by Sarah and Gerald Jacobs in 2019. In collaboration with NGOs, corporates, and community change-makers, Safepad is now distributed across South Africa as a safe, reusable, hygienic, and sustainable menstrual solution for all women.

Gerald is a development practitioner who has worked in the field of community development for the past 20 years, and Sarah is a qualified Nurse passionate about public health. Sarah has been working and living in Cape Town since 2006. She started working for Netcare and then the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation primarily focusing on reproductive health in communities. In 2015 she expanded her focus to creating access to sustainable and hygienic menstrual products across South Africa.

We believe that everyone has a part to play in making the world a better place to live in – now and in the future.


    Safepad™ is made from a very durable 100% polyester-based material and is the first pad globally to introduce an antimicrobial treatment to provide a safe and hygienic experience. With a highly absorbent core made of specially treated fibrillated high absorbent fibres and a soft velvet top, each Safepad™ will provide continuous support without compromising on comfort.

    The permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment of Safepad™ is formed by Silica, Nitrogen and Carbon and does not contain any harmful chemicals that could harm the natural microbial fauna of the female vagina. The treatment does not contain any antibiotics nor does it get consumed over time.

    Safepad can withstand 100 washes which equals to a lifespan of about 4-5 years, making it a sustainable, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution.

    In the box: 3 x Super Daypad length: 29 cm; Width: 20 cm Can absorb approximately 20 ml – Light to medium flow 1 x Long Nightpad length: 34 cm; Width: 20 cm Can absorb approximately 25 ml – Heavy flow


    Safepad is now proudly manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa. The factory where Safepad is manufactured employs women from surrounding communities. The Safepad production aims to sustain and create jobs as well as secure a sustainable supply chain and better access to this reusable, hygienic and empowering product.


    One of the things women have in common despite background, culture, race, and religion is the menstrual cycle. During menstruation there are three things that most women agree to, they want a product that is comfortable, safe, and trustworthy. Safepad is a reusable antimicrobial menstrual pad that anyone can use. It is for all women.

    Due to the inequalities in South Africa, not all women have access to menstrual hygiene products. We want to create access to Safepad to women and girls across South Africa who stand to benefit from this innovative, hygienic and sustainable product.


Thanks to its permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment, Safepad™ is self disinfecting both during use and after every wash, even if washed in unclean water!

Safepad™ does not need to be dried in direct sunlight but can be hung inside in a ventilated area for privacy reasons.