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The antimicrobial treatment makes Safepad™ self-disinfecting both during use and after washing.



Safepad™ has an estimated lifetime of approximately 4-5 years! Safepad™ is also recyclable.

Proudly SA

Proudly South African

Each Safepad™ is proudly produced in South Africa.

100 Washes

Can withstand at least 100 washes

Safepad can withstand at least 100 washes which equates to a lifespan of about 4-5 years. Safepad can be washed by hand and is also machine washable.


High absorbency

Safepad™ offers uninterrupted support with a highly absorbent core made of special treated fibrillated high absorbent fibers.



Safepad™ is made of a soft, durable and breathable fabric, that offers protection and comfort.

No irritation

No irritation

Safepad™ does not release antimicrobial substances that potentially could harm the natural microbial fauna of the female vagina.

Health & Hygiene

Safepad™ is the first reusable pad on the market that contains a permanently bonded antimicrobial treatment which makes the pad self-disinfecting and keeps it free of bacteria and fungus during use and after washing. 

It reduces the risk of infections by 99,9% and with its super-absorbent core, offers the user uninterrupted support on even the heaviest of days.

Comfortable & Super Absorbent

Safepad™ fabric technology ensures high and immediate absorbency and non-leakage with continuous support without compromising on comfort.

Each Safepad™ is made from a very durable 100% polyester-based fabric with a soft velvet top for ultimate comfort and a highly absorbent core made of special treated fibrillated high absorbent fibres.

Easy to Use

Safepad™ offers all women an eco-friendly alternative to the disposable menstrual pad that most women are accustomed to without compromising on menstrual health or comfort. 

The Safepad™ doesn’t require any special cleaning equipment. It is machine washable but because the antimicrobial treatment allows the pad to be self disinfecting, it can even be cleaned in unclean water. Making it accessible to all women.

Safepad can withstand 100 washes which equals a lifespan of about 4-5 years.

Money Saving & Eco-friendly

Consumers today are more and more conscious and concerned about sustainability, the environment, and their health. Disposable sanitary products generate more than 200,000 metric tons of waste per year globally!

With its durable, yet comfortable material, one box of Safepads™ lasts up to 5 years and can prevent an average of 1 320 disposable pads and tampons from ending up in landfills!


Front of Safepad
Front of Safepad
Back of Safepad
Back of Safepad
Safepad 4 pack
Safepad 4 pack

Each Box of Safepad Contains 4 pads: